Faculty Member Profile

Refat Ferdous
Associate Professor & Chairman
Master's Degree
refateco@gmail.com; rferdous@bu.ac.bd

Environmental and Resource Economics; Development Economics and Policy; Applied Economics; Public Health and Public Policy; Advanced Econometrics Modeling.

Ferdous, R., Khan, I. (2019). Impact Analysis of Policies on the Economic Growth of Bangladesh: An ARDL Approach. Jagannath University Journal of Economics. Vol: 1, 100-113
Ahmed, T., Ferdous, R. (2019). Impact of Social and Economic Variables on Health Care Expenditure: A Case Study on Barishal Division in Bangladesh. Barishal University Journal Part II, 3, 108-118.
Ferdous, R., Islam, R., & Alauddin, M. (2017). Nexus between GDP and FDI in Bangladesh: An Empirical Inquiry. The Jahangirnagar Review, XXXVIII(1), 167-178.
Ferdous, R., & Sultana, N. (2017). Relationship between Inflation and Economic Growth on the Economy of Bangladesh. Barisal University Journal Part III, 4, 113-126.
Masud, A. A., Ferdous, R., & Hossain, M. M. (2017). Corporate Social Responsibility Practices on the Productivity Garments Sector in Bangladesh. Barisal University Journal Part 2, 1, 5-18.
Masud, A. A., & Ferdous, R. (2016). Relationship between the Expenditure of Corporate Social Reponsibility and the Export Growth of Readymade Garments Sector: An Econometrics Review Based on Bangladesh Perspective. Journal of Business Research, 1(2), 23-44.
Siddika, A., Islam, R., & Ferdous, R. (2015). Relative Effectiveness of the Monetary and Fiscal Policy on the Economy of Bangladesh. The Jahangirnagar Economic Review, 26, 75-84.
Ferdous, R., & Islam, R. (2015). Causal Relationship among Remittance, Growth, Export and Import: An Overview on the Economy of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Economic Studies, 14, 137-158.

Research Projects
Project 1: Industrial development in the Economy of Bangladesh.
Project 2: The impact of environmental change on Agricultural production in Bangladesh.
Project 3: Investment interest relation in selective developing countries.
Project 4: Money Supply and its relation to Economic Growth.
Project 5: Inflation and its impact on the economic growth of Bangladesh.
Project 6: Economic Stability of Bangladesh Under different political Governments.
Project 7: Determine the Factors of Economic Growth in Bangladesh.
Project 8: Impact of Remittance on the Inflation of Bangladesh.
Project 9: Inquiry on Export-Led Growth of Bangladesh.
Project 10: The Relative Contribution of Agriculture, Industry and Trade on the Economy of Bangladesh.
Project 11: The Impact of Trade Openness on the Development Process in Developing Counties.
Project 12: The future of Global Growth and the Growth of Bangladesh.
Project 13: Green Economy for Sustainable development on the Issue of Climate Change.
Project 14: A Comparative Analysis of the FDI and Domestic Investment on the Economic Growth of Bangladesh.
Project 15: Trade Deficit and Its Impact on the Economic Growth of Bangladesh.
Project 16: The Impact of Chinese Economic Growth on the Growth of Global Economy.