Faculty Member Profile

Dr. Abdullah Al Masud
Associate Professor
Management Studies
aamasud@bu.ac.bd, masud_ru_bd@yahoo.com

• CSR and Business Ethics
• International Business and Management
• Human Resources Management
• E-Business
• Customer Relationship Management

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I joined the Barisal University with many dreams and being a new university, I have got many administrative and academic responsibilities and I have to keep my job and success. There I enjoy wide appreciation of my students, and administration, I serve as a founder former Provost of a hall named Sher-e-Bangla Hall, a syndicate member, a member of academic council and founder former Chairman, ex-student advisor of the department of management studies, university of Barisal and the current convener of central cultural committee, of Barisal University. I think I am a pleasant personality, with a leadership quality proved through my understanding of the issues and easy communication style. Now I am vice-president of Barisal University Teachers Association(BUTA) and Still, I am serving vice president, Bangabandhu Shikkhok Parishad, and cultural sectary, sectors commander forum, University of Barisal. I am a teacher, researcher, and project director which I have around 27 local and international publications that I have presented at national and international seminars, conferences home and abroad, besides I have been organizing three university projects as a successful as a project director.