Faculty Member Profile

Md. Saif Uddin Rashed
Assistant Professor & Chairman

Teaching, Research, Data Analyst: Statistical Modeling and Inference

1. Banik,S.,Ibrahim, Md., Amin, M. N., Rahman.Md.M.,..., Rashed, Md. S U(2014)Determination of biological properties of alocasiamacrorrhizos: A medicinal plant. World journal of pharmaceutical Research ,3(3): 193-210.Impact Factor-5.05
2. Kar, A., Amin, M.N., Rashed, Md. SU., Hussain, M.S., Quality analysis of different marketed brands of paracetamol tablet available in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Journal (under review)
3. Tanna,T.H., Amin, M. N., Mukul, M.E.H.,Rashed, Md. SU., Biological properties of Chromolaenaodorata – a medicinal plant. Biological Research (under review).
Conference Papers
1. Rashed, Md. S U., Rahman,Md. S.,Azim,Farhan . Exploring Reflection of Teachers' confidence in their classroom,NELTA 20th International Conference, February, 2015 (3 Days) in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal.
2. Rashed, Md. S U., Azim, Farhan .Using Statistics for Research, Monitoring and Evaluation: Learnings from an Education Project in Bangladesh.Institute of Statistical Research and Training (ISRT).UNIVERSITY OF DHAKA, DHAKA-1000,BANGLADESH.(December-2014)
3. Rashed, Md. S U., Azim,Farhan .Exploring Teachers' Pedagogical Practices in English in Action Primary Classrooms, 2nd international Conference, ULAB. (August-2014)
4. Rahman, Md.S, Rashed, Md. S U., Multi-level monitoring in a large-scale language development project in Bangladesh.NELTA 19th International Conference, 28 February – 1 March, 2014 (3 Days) in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal.

14th Introductory Course on Qualitative Research Methodology; Host: icddr,b; Time:19-30 January. Course content:Concept of Qualitative Research, Qualitative research design, Sampling in qualitative research, Data collection techniques, Ethics in qualitative research,Preparation of a concept note applying qualitative research methods, Preparing qualitative data collection guideline,Preparing field notes and transcripts, Qualitative data management and analysis, Computer assisted qualitative data analysis (ATLAS.ti),Validity and reliability of qualitative data, Writing scientific article and Writing qualitative research articles, Web browsing for scientific purposes and Referencing using EndNote.
1. National Institute of Local Government (NILG), Data management and Analysis sector (A project).
2. Oxidative stress and antioxidant enzyme activity in smokers with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (A Bio-chemistry Department of Dhaka University project).