Faculty Member Profile

Rejoana Islam
Associate Professor

Macroeconomic Variables and policies, International Trade and policies, Agricultural Economics, Development Economics

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Households Expenditure:
Empirical Evidence from Barishal Division, Bangladesh Barishal University Journal of Social Sciences,
ISSN 2411-247X
Faculty of Social Science, University of Barishal

Do Energy Consumption and Energy Prices affect Economic Growth? Empirical Evidence from Bangladesh "Jahangirnagar Economic Review (JER)"
ISSN :1990-2492
The Department of Economics, University of Jahangirnagar

"Impact of Economic Growth, Financial Development and Renewable Energy Consumption on Environment Pollution in South Asian Countries""The Jahangirnagar Review"
ISSN: 1682-422
Jahangirnagar University

"Examine the Viable Clarification to Mitigate CO2 Emission in Future Bangladesh: Role of Forest and Agriculture"Jahangirnagar Economic Review (JER)
ISSN: 1682-422
The Department of Economics, Jahangirnagar University

Nexus between GDP and FDI in Bangladesh: An Empirical Inquiry The Jahangirnagar Review,
ISSN: 1682-422
Jahangirnagar University

Relative Effectiveness of Monetary and Fiscal Policy on the Economy of BangladeshThe Jahangirnagar Economic Review"
ISSN :1990-2492
The Department of Economics, University of Jahangirnagar

Causal Relationship among Remittance, Growth, Export and Import in Bangladesh : An Econometric Analysis "Bangladesh Economic Studies"
ISSN :0526-1662 Rajshahi University Economic Association
Department of Economics, University of Rajshahi