Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)


In today’s competitive workplace, aspiring graduates and business professionals need tools to give them an edge. One such tool is the Executive MBA program (EMBA), which emphasizes strategic thinking, leadership skills, and managerial decision-making. Our EMBA curriculum aims to bridge the gap between real-world demands and academic theories, ultimately producing more effective managers and leaders through collaboration between industry and academia. Unfortunately, executives and graduates, especially those in the southern region of the country, often lack access to such advantages through local academic institutions. Recognizing this gap, the University of Barishal has taken a proactive step forward. Various departments within the university will offer EMBA programs, adhering to established rules and regulations. This initiative aims to provide executives and graduates with the opportunity to enhance their skills and competencies, thereby contributing to their professional growth and success.

Executive MBA Admission Circular

16 May 2024

Application Form for Executive MBA Admission

16 May 2024