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1 AIAA Journals
1. AIAA Journal
Advances in Archaeological Practice Advances in Nutrition                        Acta adriatica.                           Alberta Journal of Educational Research(online only)
2 ASTM International Journals
1. Geotechnical Testing Journal
Acta Neuropsychiatrica    Aesthetic Surgery Journal Advances in environmental sciences international journal of the Bioflux Society.                       Antioxidant & Redox signalling
3 Elsevier (ScienceDirect) Journals
 Elsevier (ScienceDirect) url
 Subscribed Journals’ List     
Acta Numerica                 Alcohol and Alcoholism Animal biology & animal husbandry. Taylor & Francis
4 EM International Journals
1. Pollution Research
Advances in Applied Probability                   American Journal of Agricultural Economics Aquaculture, aquarium, conservation & legislation : international journal of the Bioflux Society.                           International Journal of Educational Sciences
5 Emerald
1. Open House International
The Aeronautical Journal American Journal of Clinical Pathology Baltic journal of coleopterology. International Journal of Human Genetics
6 ICE Publishing Journals
1. Geotecnique
Africa                          American Journal of Epidemiology Biharean biologist.                             Journal of Biodiversity
7 NS Media Group
 1. International Water Power and Dam Construction
2. Nuclear Engineering International
Africa Bibliography, Research and Documentation  American Journal of Hypertension Bollettino malacologico        Journal of Communication
8 Research Information Ltd. Journals
1. Appropriate Technology
African Studies Review  The American Journal of Jurisprudence Extreme life, biospeology & astrobiology Journal of Economics   
9 SAGE Journals
 1. Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space
2. Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space
Ageing & Society Applied Linguistics  Frontiers in ecology and the environment. Journal of History and Archaeology
10 Taylor and Francis Journals
1. Materials Science and Technology
Agricultural and Resource Economics Review  Astronomy & Geophysics Human & veterinary medicine : HVM.  Journal of Human Biology
11 ISUF Journals
1. Urban Morphology Online
AI EDAM                             Behavioral Ecology  Neotropical primates                                    Journal of Human Ecology
12 American Institute of Physics 
American Antiquity
Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry
Poeciliid research.                                                Journal of Intelligence and Security Issues
13 American Physical Society                              
American Journal of International Law The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science Rabbit genetics.                                    Journal of Life Sciences
14 American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE)                   American Journal of Law & Medicine The British Journal of Criminology Revista de biología tropical.                     Journal of Psychology
15 American Society of Civil Engineers
American Political Science Review The British Journal of Social Work     Studia Universitatis Babes̀¦-Bolyai. Biologia Journal of Social Sciences
16 ASME Digital Collection
All Journals & Conference Proceedings
The Americas British Journal of Surgery The Indian journal of entomology.            Journal of Sociology and Social Anthropology
17 British Institute of Radiography
Anatolian Studies      Burns & Trauma               Transactions of the American Entomological Society. Studies on Home and Community Science
18 Cambridge University Press

Ancient Mesoamerica
Cambridge Journal of Economics        Tropical lepidoptera research.        Studies of Tribes and Tribals
19 Cochrane Library Anglo-Saxon England Cardiovascular Research Extreme life, biospeology & astrobiology The Journal of Biology
20 DE GRUYTER                             
Animal Health Research Reviews                            Children & Schools     Amphibian and Reptile Conservation The Journal of Genetics
21 EBSCO Host
 Username: bangladeshinasp
 password: researh@2020
Temporary Password during Covid 19 outbreak
Animal Welfare            Christian bioethics: Non-Ecumenical Studies in Medical Morality Biodiversity Data Journal   Academic Journals (Science, Art, Education, Legal)
22 The Geological Society     
Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales                             Clean Energy Ecology                    Advances in production Engineering and Management
23 Indian Journals                 
Annals of Glaciology Clinical Infectious Diseases Zookeys        AERA (Education)
24 Nature Research           
Annual Review of Applied Linguistics                       Clinical Kidney Journal
AgEcon (Agriculture and Applied Economics)
25 Oxford Academic Journal
Antimicrobial Stewardship & Healthcare Epidemiology Community Development Journal             
DNA & Cell Biology
26 NRC Research Press
The Antiquaries Journal Current Zoology
Education in Chemistry
27 Optical Society of America
The ANZIAM Journal    The Economic Journal 
Genome Research
28 Project Muse
Applied Psycholinguistics Economic Policy
Molecular Cancer Therapeutics
29 SPIE Digital Library
Arabic Sciences and Philosophy Database            
RNA Journal
30 Springer                                                         
arq: Architectural Research Quarterly Discovery Immunology
Sign Language and Linguistics
31 Wiley Inter Science - John Wiley and Sons
Art Libraries Journal DNA Research
Tissue Engineering (A, B, C)
32 ACM Digital Library                                         
Asian Journal of Comparative Law The Economic Journal
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society
33 Emerald                           
Asian Journal of International Law Economic Policy
Cancer Biology and therapy
34 IEEE IEEE Subscription period provided by UGC has been expired                     Asian Journal of Law and Society The English Historical Review
Cancer Prevention Research(package)
35 JSTOR  
 JSTOR Aluka
JSTOR Global Plants
Australasian Journal of Special and Inclusive Education Environmental Entomology
Cancer Research+ Clinical Cancer Research
36 Bangladesh Journals OnLine- BanglaJOL
Australian Journal of Environmental Education       Epidemiologic Reviews
Biochemical journal
37 Directory Open Access Journal
Behavioral and Brain Sciences Essays in Criticism
38 Journal of Civil Engineering                                               
Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy European Heart Journal
Journal of Digital Information
39 ARDI                                                     
Bird Conservation International European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy
MedlinePlus (Medical science)
40 Hinari                                       
BJPsych International European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery
Free Medical Journals
41 OARE                                          
British Journal of Nutrition European Journal of Public Health


British Journal of Political Science
European Journal of International Law

The British Journal of Psychiatry            Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health

Business and Human Rights Journal     FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Business and Politics        Food Quality and Safety


DNA & Cell Biology