Faculty Member Profile

Tasnuva Habib Zisan
Associate Professor
Public Administration

My current research interest area includes e-governance, gender inclusive governance, e-urban governance, women in local government and local government institutions. Moreover, I have keen interest in core issues of public administration in context of Bangladesh.

  • Insearch 2019: 6th International Integrative Research Conference on Governance in Society, Business and Environment
  • International Conference on Rohingya Crisis in Bangladesh: Challenges and sustainable solutions. UNHCR. 2019
  • 1st International Conference on Social Science and Law, 2019
  • The International Conference on Gender, 2017
  • International Conference on Governance and Development, 2017, HEQEP
  • Conference of Department of Women and Gender Studies, 2015, DU
  • Tasnuva Habib Zisan 2014, A study on women’s access to information and communication technology, Vol. 1, Barisal University Journal. ISSN 2411-247X, Barisal
  • Tasnuva Habib Zisan and Sohel Chowdhury 2018, Analyzing impacts of party based local government election on politics of Bangladesh, Bottom up & Beyond, Centre for Social Research, Bangladesh.
  • Tasnuva Habib Zisan 2019, Impact of Changing pattern of Patriarchy in achieving Gender Democracy in Bangladesh, Barishal University Journal(Part-2), Vol. 3, 2019. ISSN 2411-247x.

  • I have been working as an Assistant Professor, Department of Public Administration, University of Barisal since March, 2016. Prior to that, I have worked as a lecturer of Public Administration department from 15 November, 2012 to 9 March, 2016. I have taught the following courses throughout the years-Introduction to Public Administration, Principles of Management, Gender,administration and development, Management of NGO’s and Social Entrepreneurism, Project Management, Urban Administration in Bangladesh, Development Administration Policy and Management, Bangladesh studies. I have been working as departmental chair since December, 2012 to March 2019. Moreover, I have carried out the responsibility of student advisor from December, 2012 to January, 2015.