Faculty Member Profile

Mohammad Tanvir Kaisar
Associate Professor & Chairman

Applied Linguistics

Published works:
1.Effects of Social and Psychological Constraints in Public Speaking, Vol-1, Number-2,Prime University Journal, ISSN:1995-5332
2. Listening Practice in English Language Learning: Bangladesh Context, Vol-2, Number-2, Prime University Journal, ISSN:1995-5332
3. The Mingling of British and American English in Bangladeshi Newspapers: An analysis on The Daily Star, The Independent and The New Nation: Journal of Comilla University, Vol-1, No. 02, 2013,ISSN: 2308-698X
4. A Critical Study on English for Today of class 11-12: A course book for HSC curriculum of Bangladesh, The Comilla University Journal of Arts, no.01, 2016, ISSN:2616-8278
5. Impact of Indian Cinema and Television Programmes on language and culture of Bangladesh: A study to search reason and range The JahangirNagar Review (Part C) Vol. xxvii ,ISSN 2306-3920
6. Psychic Dislocation in No Longer At Ease. The Comilla University Journal of Arts, no.02, 2017, ISSN:2616-8278
7. Learner Autonomy: Its scope and Application in the Existing Higher Secondary English Language Teaching Curriculum of Bangladesh. Barishal University Journal(Part -2) Vol.2017 ISSN: 2411-247X
To be published:
1.Article titled " Scopes of Innovation To manage Panic Seized Second Language Classroom at the Higher Secondary Level in Bangladesh " has been accepted for publication in a university journal

Creative publication: A book of poem titled “নিস্প্রভ হেমলক” by ক্রিয়েটিভ পাবলিশার্স ,৪৫,বাংলা বাজার,ঢাকা,একুশে বইমেলা ,২০০৭
Other publications: A regular column writer in national dailies (both in Bengali and English)
Student Adviser, Department of English
Chief Moderator, Barishal University Debating Society
Former Chairman, Department of English, University of Barisal
Former Chairman(acting), Department of Philosophy, University of Barisal
Former Executive Editor of Barisal University Journal (Part-2)
Former Assistant Proctor, University of Barisal
Worked as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of English, Prime University from March 25, 2007 to September 11, 2011(Joined as Lecturer on March 25, 2007)