Faculty Member Profile

Md. Ohidur Zaman
Assistant Professor
Master of Social Science (Research)

Sociology of Environment, Natural Resources Management, Community Resilience, Environment and Health.

1. Zaman, O. M., Abir, M. T., & Afroz, F. (2019). Growth of Informal Education Sector in Bangladesh: A Case Study on Barishal City Corporation Area. International Journal of Advanced Research, 7 (10), 471-475.
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Conference Papers:
1. Gender Gap in Higher Education in Barishal City" 1st International Conference on Social Sciences and Law-2019, University of Barishal, Bangladesh.
2. Community Resilience to Disasters and Public Health: Understanding the Role of Social Capital from Evidence in Coastal Bangladesh", 11th Annual Canadian Risk and Hazards Network Symposium, Toronto, Canada, October 22-24, 2014
Research Projects:
# Impacts of Refugee Camp on Host Environment: A Socio-ecological Analysis of Rohingya Refugee Camp of Ukhia, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, July 2018- June 2019, Funded by University of Barishal, Barishal, Bangladesh.
# The Interrelationship between the local communities and ecologically critical area (ECA): A study on the communities of Jaflong-Dawki Riverbank area, Sylhet, Bangladesh, July 2017-June 2018, Funded by University of Barishal, Barishal, Bangladesh.