Faculty Member Profile

Samima Akhter
Assistant Professor

Functional Analysis, Differential and Integral Equations.


1. Samima Akhter, Existence of Weak Solutions for Caputo’s Fractional Derivatives in Banach Spaces, Ganit Journal, Bangladesh Mathematical Society, Volume 39 (2019), 111-118.

2. Shek Ahmed, Tanzila Yeasmin Nilu, Samima Akhter, A Study of Smooth Map on Manifolds, Barisal University Journal Part 1, Volume 5 (2018), 47-58.

3. Samsun Nahar, Samima Akhter, Mohammad Abdul Alim, Statistical Averaging Method and New Statistical Averaging Method for Solving Extreme Point Multi–Objective Linear Programming Problem, Mathematics Letters , Volume 4 (2018), 44-50 .

4. Samima Akhter, Application of Fixed Point Theorem of Measure of Weak Noncompactness to non-Linear Volterra-Hammerstein Integral Equations, Barisal University Journal Part 1, Volume 4 (2017), 325-338.

5. Samima Akhter, Dr. Razina Ferdousi, Hena Rani Biswas, Existence of a solution of Fredholm-Volterra integral equations via Fixed Point Theorems, Barisal University Journal Part 1, Volume 4 (2017), 11-24.

Conference Paper:

1. Existence of A Class of Caputo Type Fractional Differential Equations with Nonlocal Boundary Conditions lnvolving Riemann-Liouville and Caputo Derivative.