Faculty Member Profile

Dr. Tania Islam
Assistant Professor
Computer Science & Engineering
MSc Engg. (CSE)

Wireless Sensor Networks, Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol, Molecular Communication, Underwater communication

1. Tania Islam, Ethungshan Shitiri, and Ho-Shin Cho, A Simultaneous Drug Release Scheme for Targeted Drug Delivery Using Molecular Communications,IEEE Acess, vol. 8, pp. 91770-91778, May 2020

2. Tania Islam, Ethungshan Shitiri, Ho-Shin Cho, Synchronization among Multiple Nanomachines for Simultaneous Targeted Drug Delivery, KICS (The Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences) Winter Conference, Jeongseon, South Korea, 2019

3. Tania Islam*, Kamrul Hasan Talukder and Rahat Hossain Faisal, A FAST ON-LINE HYBRID MATCHING ALGORITHM FOR EXACT STRING MATCHING, Barisal University Journal Part 1, 4(2):399-411 (2017).

4. T. Islam and K. H. Talukder, "An improved algorithm for string matching using index based shifting approach," 2017 20th International Conference of Computer and Information Technology (ICCIT), Dhaka, 2017, pp. 1-4, doi: 10.1109/ICCITECHN.2017.8281772.

5. Md. Saifur Rahman, Md Mahbub E Noor, Tania Islam, Rohit Tiwari, Kartik Kalia andTanesh Kumar, “SSTL Input/Output Standard Based Energy Efficient Multiplier Design Using Urdhva Tiryagbhyam on 28nm FPGA”, International Journal of Control and Automation, Volume 9, No. 4, pp. 245-252 ,2016.