Faculty Member Profile

Chinmayee Podder
Associate Professor

Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Analysis.

1. M. A. Samad and C. Podder. Effects of Viscous dissipation and Thermal radiation on MHD forced convective heat and mass transfer flow of  non- Newtonian power law fluid with heat generation, Bangladesh Journal of Science Research, 27(2): 187-200, 2014 (December).
2.  Chinmayee Podder and Md. Abdus Samad. Dufour and Soret Effects on MHD Forced  Convective Heat and Mass Transfer Flow of Non-Newtonian Power Law Fluid with Thermal Radiation and Viscous Dissipation.  American Journal of Applied Mathematics. 4(6): 296-309, 2016.

3. C. Podder and M. A. Samad. Numerical study of Dufour and Soret effects on forced convective non- Newtonian power law fluid past a continuously moving stretching sheet. Barisal University Journal Part-I, 4(1) 125-138, June 2017. Faculty of Science & Engineering and Faculty of Bio- Sciences.

4. Md. Shafiul Alam, Chinmayee Podder and Abdullah Ahmed Foisal. Oriented Manifolds With Smooth Families And Module Of Skew Linear Maps. Barishal University Journal Part-I, 5(1&2): 1-14 (2018).