Faculty Member Profile

Assistant Professor
Master of Science; Currently studying as a Ph.D. Student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering

â—†Mathematical modelling and system simulation of next-generation cooling systems
â—† Development of sustainable adsorption cooling cycles
â—† Characterization of promising adsorbent/adsorbates
â—† Thermophysical properties of next-generation refrigerants
â—† Carbon neutral energy conversion systems
â—† Application of game-theory in epidemic disease modelling
â—† Application of finite element method in real-life problems

Journal Papers:
1.Mahua Jahan Rupa and Md Shafiqul Islam, "Numerical Solutions of Systems of Second Order Boundary Value Problems Using Galerkin Method", GANIT 37, (161-174) 2017.
ï¼’. Mahua Jahan Rupa, A. Pal, B. B. Saha, "Activated carbon-graphene nanoplatelets based green cooling system: Adsorption kinetics, heat of adsorption, and thermodynamic performance", Energy 193, 116774, 2020.
Conference Paper:
1.Mahua Jahan Rupa, M. A. Islam, A. Pal, K. Uddin, K. Thu, B. B. Saha, "Game Theory as a Tool for Improving Operation and Durability of a Central Air-Conditioning System"