Faculty Member Profile

Hosneara Dalia
Assistant Professor
Public Administration

Committed to continuous sound learning and professional development with a genuine interest for doing research in the field of Comparative Public Administration, Governance, Administrative Law and Ethics, Public Policy, Women and Development, Public Management etc.

1.Dalia, H., & Zisan, T. H. (2021). Women's Modes of Campaign in Urban Local Government Election of Bangladesh: A study on Barishal City Corporation Election. The Journal of Local Government, 1-16. ISSN: 2072-0009
2. Dalia, H. (2019). Role of NGOs in Women's Economic Empowerment of Rural Bangladesh: A Study in Swarupkathi Upazila. Barishal University Journal, 3, 19-35. ISSN 2411-247X
3. Dalia, H. (2018, January-June). Empowerment of Women Representatives in Rural Local Government Institutions of Bangladesh. Journal of Governance and Innovation, Osder Publication,Dhaka. IV, 51-68. ISSN- 2312-5551
4. Chowdhury, M. O., Dalia, H., & Chowdhury, S. A. (2017). Bangladesh Studies. Dhaka: A H Development Publishing House. ISBN 978-984-92671-4-0

#Conference Paper Presentations:
1.NASPAA South Asia Virtual Conference 2021, held on 12-14 November,2021, Organized by Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA) South Asian Institute of Policy and Governance (SIPG), North South University JSW School of Public Policy (JSW-SPP), IIM Ahmedabad. Paper titled: "Covid-19 Enhances Digitalization of Higher Education in Bangladesh"
2. International Conference on Rethinking Development in South Asia, held on 7-8 october,2018. Organized by Social Science Research Institute (SSRI), University of Chittagong. Paper Titled "Role of NGOs in Socio-Economic Development of Rural Area in Bangladesh"
3. 5th International Integrative Research Conference on Governance and Modernization in Changing Environment. Dec 18-19,2018, BARD, Comilla, Bangladesh. Paper Titled "Role Performances and Empowerment of Women Representatives in Local Government Institutions of Bangladesh".
4. 6th International Integrative Research Conference on Governance in Society, Business and Environment. December 18-19,2019, BARD, Comilla, Bangladesh. Three Different Papers were presented. Paper Titled:
i. "Women's Participation in Urban Local Government Election of Bangladesh: A Study on Barisal City Corporation Election"
ii. "Participation of Women Representatives in Decision Making Process: A Study on Upazila Parishad of Barishal Division"
iii. "How Far the Local Government Institutions Ensure Public Accountability? An Analysis of Two Upazila Parishad of Bangladesh"
5. 1st International Conference on Social Sciences and Law. March 15-16,2019, University of Barishal, Bangladesh. Paper Titled "Impacts of Civil Service Training System in Public Service Delivery: Challenges and Guidelines for Bangladesh".
#Training/ Workshop Experiences:
1. "Young Teacher's Training Program"- organised by South Asian Network for Governance Studies (SANGS), Dept. of Public Administration and Development Studies, University of Dhaka. (19-20 Dec,2016)
2. "Research Methodology Workshop"- organised by Asiatic Society of Bangladesh.(1-2 Mar,2019)