Faculty Member Profile

Dilafroze Khanam
Associate Professor
Master of Science in Sociology, Lund University, Sweden
+88 01717069218

Personal Profile: Dilafroze Khanam (Master of Science in Sociology, Lund University, Sweden and Bachelor and Master of Social Science, University of Dhaka) is an environmental sociologist with primary expertise on the coastal region of Bangladesh. Prior to her arrival in the University of Barishal, she was the research assistant at Information Commission, Bangladesh.

Main research areas:
1. Climate change, salinity intrusion, and climate governance
2. Menstrual health and hygiene, migration and human rights
3. Women and climate change, vulnerability of communities living inSundarbans, Bangladesh

Current research and teaching: My work has developed in three main areas: (1) gendered approach to understanding salinity intrusion impacts, (2) menstrual health and hygiene crisis and how it violets women's human rights and (3) assessment of socio-economic vulnerability of the coastal communities. I am working on the mentioned areas but mostly focusing the coastal regions of Bangladesh.

My teaching covers some of my areas of research, however, mostly regards the general instruction of research methods, theory and natural resource management.