Faculty Member Profile

Dr. Ferdouse Zaman Tanu
Assistant Professor
Soil and Environmental Sciences

Global Nitrogen and Carbon Cycle, Isotope analysis in Ecological Systems, Mangrove, Estuarine and Coastal ecosystems, Plant-soil-water relationship in ecological systems, Environmental Pollution, Sustainable Agriculture.

Original Research Article
1. Ferdouse Zaman Tanu, Azizul Hakim, Afroza Parvin, Mohammad Moniruzzaman, Mosammat Aklimatun Nasrin. Imbalanced nutrient acumulation in coastal soils induced by salinity intrusion. Polish Journal of Soil Science, Vol. 55 (1), 37-49 (2022); IF: 0.326.
2. Ferdouse Zaman Tanu, Toru Miyata, Naotaka Sadzuka, Mami Irie, and Yasuhiro Nakanishi. Adaptation of the acetone method for δ15N-NO3- analysis of saline water with a low concentration of nitrate. Rapid Communication in Mass Spectrometry, Vol. 34(11), e8770 (2020); IF: 2.419.
3. Ferdouse Zaman Tanu, Yasuhiro Asakura, Satoshi Takahashi, Ko Hinokidani, and Yasuhiro Nakanishi. Variation in foliar δ15N reflects anthropogenic nitrogen absorption potential of mangrove forests. Forests, Vol. 11(2), 133 (2020); IF: 2.634.
4. Ferdouse Zaman Tanu, Ishrat Jahan Sanchary, Sayeda Sabrina Ali, Hafiz Ashraful Haque, M Hasinur Rahman. Intrinsic physical properties of Kuakata coastal soil in Bangladesh. Barisal University Journal Part 1, Vol. 4(1), pp. 1-9 (2017).
5. Ferdouse Zaman Tanu, Azizul Hakim, and Sirajul Hoque. Bacterial tolerance and reduction of Chromium (VI) by Bacillus cereus Isolate PGBw4. American Journal of Environmental Protection, Vol. 5(2), pp. 35-38 (2016).
6. F. Z. Tanu and S. Hoque. Comparison of bacterial population in industrial and agricultural soils. International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Science, 2(4):155-165 (2013).
7. Ferdouse Zaman Tanu and Sirajul Hoque. Bacterial tolerance to heavy metal contents present in contaminated and uncontaminated soils. Bangladesh Journal of Microbiology, Vol. 29(2), pp. 56-61 (2012), Online (2016).

Review Article
1. Hafiz Ashraful Haque, Nurul Huda, Ferdouse Zaman Tanu, Nahida Sultana, Md. Shahid A. Hossain, M Hasinur Rahman. Ambient air quality scenery in and around Dhaka city of Bangladesh. Barisal University Journal Part 1, Vol. 4(1), pp. 203-218 (2017).

Short Communication
1. Hafiz Ashraful Haque, Ferdouse Zaman Tanu, and M Hasinur Rahman. Plastic bags as a burning environmental hazard for Bangladesh. Barisal University Journal Part 1, 4(1): 221-225 (2017).

Conference Presentation
1. Ba(NO3)2 acetone method adapted for nitrate isolation from fresh and saline water in nitrogen isotope analysis. Ferdouse Zaman Tanu and Yasihiro Nakanishi. International Conference on Mangrove and Its Related Ecosystems, Venue: Indonesia, Abstract pp. 22-23, 2019.
2. Estimation of anthropogenic impact to mangrove watershed in Okinawa by using d15N. Ferdouse Zaman Tanu, Yasuhiro Asakura, Ko Hinokidani, Toru Miyata, Satoshi Takahashi, and Yasuhiro Nakanishi. 24th Annual Meeting of the Japan Mangrove Society (第24回日本マングローブ学会大会), Venue: Tokyo University of Agriculture) Abstract pp. 2, Dec 2018.

Conference Abstract
1. Relationship between basin land use and mangrove leaf δ 15 N. Akira Takahashi, Yasuhiro Asakura, Tanu Ferdouse Zaman and Yasuhiro Nakanishi. The 29th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Tropical Ecology (Sapporo), 2019.
2. Ability evaluation for mangrove species in absorbing and removing active nitrogen derived from human activities. Asakura, Y., Tanu, F., Z., Hinokidani, K., and Nakanishi, Y. British Ecological Society Annual meeting 2018(Birmingham, England, Electric Poster. (2018).
3. Difference in mangrove leaf δ 15 N due to land use in basin. Yasuhiro Asakura, Tanu Ferdouse Zaman, Yasuhiro Nakanishi. The 28th Annual Meeting of the Tropical Ecological Society of Japan (Shizuoka) 2018.

1. Japan Government Scholarship (MEXT) for PhD study.
2. Foundation training for government officials in Bangladesh Public Administration Training Center (BPATC), People's Republic of Bangladesh.
3. 'Dean's Award' for B.S. (Hons.) result from the dept. of Soil, water and Environment, Biological faculty, Session 2007-08, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.