Faculty Member Profile

Afroja Nasrin
Assistant Professor
Soil and Environmental Sciences
Master's Degree

Problem soils, Waste management, Vermicompost, Soil fertility, Water quality, heavy metal, plant science, Soil and Environmental Management etc.

Journal Article:
Nasrin, A., Khanom, S, and Hossain, S. A. 2019. Effects of Vermicompost and Compost on Soil Properties and Growth and Yield of Kalmi (Ipomoea aquatica Forsk.) in Mixed Soil. Dhaka Univ. J. Biol.Sci. 28 (1): 121-129.   

Project and Research Name:
1. Designation: Project Director. Project name: Water quality assessment using different physico-chemical attributes of surface water bodies around Barishal city in various seasons (funded by Barishal University, ongoing).
2.  Designation: Researcher. Project name: Assessment of water quality around Barishal BSCIC area and its effect on plant body grown on adjacent soil (ongoing).
3. Designation: Co-supervisor. Project name: Effects of Cow dung, Sewage sludge, Bio-slurry and inorganic fertilizers on Morphological Properties of Kalmi (Ipomoea aquatica Forsk.) in Saline Soil (ongoing).

1. Awarded “Eastern Bank Dhaka University Alumni Association” merit award.
2. Awarded “Abdus Salam Memorial Fund Scholarship”.
3. Awarded “Dean’s Award”
4. Awarded “National Science and Technology Fellowship” for M.S. Thesis work.
5. Life time member of BAAS (BANGLADESH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE) and EDAPHOS-Soil Science Ex-Student Association, University of Dhaka.