Faculty Member Profile

Kazi Md. Jahangir Kabir
Assistant Professor
Soil and Environmental Sciences
Master's degree

Organic soil, acid sulphate soil

1. Simojoki, A,. Kabir, K. M. J. & Mäkelä, M. 2019. Temperature sensitivity of microbial greenhouse gas production in a boreal organic acid sulphate soil with a black schist derived subsoil. In: 21WCSS: Proceedings of the 21th World Congress of Soil Science, 2018, 12-17 Aug. 2018, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: SBCS. volume II, p. 559.
2. Sanchary, I.J., Kabir, K. M. J. and Huq, S.M.I. 2019. Macro and Micro Nutrient Supply to Soil and Plants from Sugar Mill Mud. Agricultural Sciences, 10, p.164-172.