Faculty Member Profile

Md. Erfan
Assistant Professor & Chairman
Computer Science & Engineering
Master's of Science in Software Engineering

1. Cloud Computing.
2. Mobile Cloud Computing.
3. Refactoring and Design Pattern.
4. Machine Learning.
5. IOT.

1. An Optimal Task Scheduling Mechanism for Mobile Cloud Computing.
2. Approximating social ties based on call logs: Whom should we prioritize?
3. Dynamic Method Level Code Offloading for Performance Improvement and Energy Saving.
4. A comprehensive survey of code offloading mechanisms for mobile cloud computing.
5. Task Allocation For Mobile Cloud Computing: State-of-the-art and Open Challenges.
6. Mobility Aware Task Allocation for Mobile Cloud Computing.

Notable Projects:
1. Projecting Multiple Platform VM Instances in Cloud.
2. Quality Assurance Release Tool for Southtech Limited.
3. Automatic Gate Control System for Railway.