Faculty Member Profile

Md. Masum Sikdar
Assistant Professor
Political Science
Masters Degree

1. Political Thought
2. Comparative Politics and Political System
3. Bangladesh Politics: Electoral Politics, Politics of Violence, Politics of Vengeance
4. International Politics and Organizations: Cold war, Uni polarity and Multi polarity
5. Security Study: Health Security, Environment Security, Drug Addiction and Geo-politics

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2. Md. Masum Sikdar and Md. Mehedi Hasan Shohag, "Democracy and Authoritarianism: Understanding Three Decades of Bangladesh Politics", International Institute for Science, Technology and Education, Vol. 06, No. 24, December 2016
3.Md. Masum Sikdar and Akkas Ahmed, Democratic Practices in Islam vis-a-vis the Contemporary world, Faculties of Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences & Law, University of Barishal, Bangladesh, Vol. 01, 2017
4. Md. Mehedi Hasan Shohag and Md. Masum Sikdar, Democracy without Liberalism: An Analysis in context of Bangladesh Politics, Bangladesh Political Studies Department of Politiical Science University of Chittagong, Bangladesh, Vol. XXI 2018